TCX Conference Identity

TCX is Cru's annual winter conference in Minneapolis. Over 1000 college students come from Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota to experience four days of worship, learning, and serving the community.

Graphics needed for the event include promotional postcards, signage, program books, nametags, and a website. The identity was also recently rehauled and needed new brand guidelines.

Tools used: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe InDesign CC, Wordpress

View the TCX website at

Every year following the conference, an infographic about the week is sent to donors and supporters.


Project Sampler

A smattering of work from my time designing for Cru...

Tools used: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe InDesign CC, Adobe Illustrator CC

above: Program book for the Life Options equipping conference for hundreds of college juniors and seniors

above left: Part of the identity for the Legacy conference for ethnic ministries
above right: Our ministry vision and mission on a bookmark for leadership teams

below: Logo and t-shirt for the Kingdom Called training conference in 2014


Reroute Map Service

"What if your road trip wasn’t about points A and B? What if vacations began with the journey and not with the journey’s end?"

Reroute is a creation inspired by a love for the road less traveled. With this mapping program, you choose where you want to begin and end, along with other preferences, and Reroute then creates an out-of-the-way route that avoides the big highways and favors the back roads.

View the live site at

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator CS5, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe InDesign CS5, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Google APIs

The hand-drawn logo is based on script from hand-painted signs, while the graphics and type were influenced by clear and simple map designs.

View a full preview of the brand manual here.


Cru Vision Dinner

The following invites and web banner were created for Cru's annual Vision Dinner in the Twin Cities. Also created for the event were a slideshow, programs, and nametags.

Over 300 people attended the dinner in 2015, and $46,000 was raised to support the ministries of Cru.

Tools used: Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe InDesign CC


"Favourite Things" Book

This little booklet illustrates some of the things I love. It was printed on linen paper and saddle stitched. Each illustration covers one spread.

Tools used: Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe InDesign CS5

close Redesign

The National Theater for Children (NTC) travels to schools performing educational plays on topics like water conservation and electricity use. was originally where teachers would fill out a survey following the performance, but NTC’s goal was to expand the audience and use of the site to students and parents.

Working in a team of four, I researched NTC, its competition and target audience. We then presented the clients with a proposal, created site wireframes, designed page mockups, developed the site, and performed a series of user tests to make sure we’d reached our goals.

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator CS5, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, HTML/CSS, JQuery

Teachers are sent to a redesigned survey page and then to the teacher page with photos, activities, and discussions unique to their show. Parents and students are also taken to sites targeted to their interests and needs.

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